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MAX ERNST  (1891-1976)

Max Ernst
‚Singe poursuivi par un éléphant pour un vol de chapeau‘

size 76 x 57 cm
editon 99
Signed by the artist and numbered
Spies/Leppien No.B1014

MAX ERNST (1891-1976)

Max Ernst was a German graphic artist, painter, sculptor and poet. He was a pioneer of Dada.

Max Ernst, actually Maximilian Maria Ernst, was an important painter, graphic artist and sculptor of German origin who was granted American citizenship in 1948 and French citizenship in 1958.
He invented and expanded some techniques such as: B. frottage, collage, grattage or décalcomanie.

For example: Grattage (French for scraping off gratter) is the artistic process in which layers of paint that have been applied on top of each other are scratched away or scraped off with a blade, thus creating new color forms.

Museum exhibitions in recent years

2017/18: Max Ernst: Beyond Painting. Museum of Modern Art, New York
2018/19: Max Ernst, sign thief. Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection, Berlin
2020/21: Max Ernst – Würth Collection. Jewelry Museum Pforzheim
2021/22: Max Ernst. Between worlds. Ravensburg Art Museum
2022/23: Max Ernst and nature as invention, Kunstmuseum Bonn

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